Oda Minoru

いいね!JAPAN 編集長
Head editor. Born in Sakata, Yamagata in 1966. After engaging in the editing of town and corporate public relations magazines, he turned his attention towards the planning of expositions and projects for local governments and private enterprises. In 2001 he produced and planned the book “Blackjack, The Karte”, featuring the eponymous doctor created by manga legend Osamu Tezuka. The publication went on to win the 9th “Book of the Year” award from the magazine “Da Vinci”. In 2011 he developed the world’s first brain wave training game app for iPad. This app generated a great deal of response from the media. Currently, he is the representative director of Double Crane Co. Ltd. and head editor of いいね!JAPAN. He engages in developing branding strategies, advertising production, promotions, holding events, producing publication, product development, local revitalization, etc.

Minoru Oda