Japan has many Like!-events (town revitalisation), places (scenery), people (the people engaged in revitalisation projects, creators), and arts (many items of the traditional industries), which are still waiting to be discovered. We want to introduce you to the many Like!s all around Japan, and get you involved!

We create Like! Japan! as a team.

“Like! Japan” is not a website that unilaterally delivers information. We want you, as reporters to go on a journey to find “like!” in Japan and give us your own article. We will publish your article on the site for everyone to read.

We get together to realize Like! Japan.

We get together at the Like! Japan Café in our website and chat. The ideas born from the meeting will be realised.

We connect with Like! Japan

Like! Japan is an opportunity to connect places, events, arts and humans together, fostering new possibilities and creating new relationships.