Editors / Curator list

Editorial team

いいね!JAPAN 編集長
Head editor. Born in Sakata, Yamagata in 1966. After engaging in the editing of town and corporate public relations magazines, he turned his attention towards the planning of expositions and projects for local governments and private enterprises. In 2001 he produced and planned the book “Blackjack, The Karte”, featuring the eponymous doctor created by manga legend Osamu Tezuka. The publication went on to win the 9th “Book of the Year” award from the magazine “Da Vinci”. In 2011 he developed the world’s first brain wave training game app for iPad. This app generated a great deal of response from the media. Currently, he is the representative director of Double Crane Co. Ltd. and head editor of いいね!JAPAN. He engages in developing branding strategies, advertising production, promotions, holding events, producing publication, product development, local revitalization, etc.
Takaharu Sato
いいね!JAPAN クリエイティブディレクター
Creative Director. Graduated from Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics in 1998. Working at an advertising firm, he engaged in the marketing planning for major companies in the electronics and commercial building fields. He then went independent and established First Luck Co. Ltd., where he is president. His company has served as a branding and marketing partner for medium and large sized enterprises, professional sport teams and such. In addition, he is the force behind Natural Crepe, a creperie and café with various stores around Tokyo that uses only natural, organic ingredients.
Masahiro Saito
Regional Producer/ Inbound Marketing Specialist. Native of Yamagata, Japan.
Kazuaki Tsuchiya
Regional producer / Forest director. Born in 1977. He speaks with birds, he catches masu trout with his bare hands, he is Tokyo’s last boy of the wild. Based on an old 150 year old traditional house built on Mt. Mitake in Ome, on the far outskirts of Tokyo, he started his business as the “forest director” a guru of the wilderness. His service provides access to good old Japanese mountain village culture and experiences in a natural environment. His lifestyle of living alongside nature has become a popular topic and now he appears on TV programs and magazines; he flies all around the country due to requests from embassies and local governments.
Regional producer / Sake sommelier. He was born in Moscow in 1984 and raised in Tokyo. He went to a Japanese public kindergarten and elementary school. After graduating from university in Russia, he returned to Japan in 2007. While engaging in Japan-Russia trade, MICE planning and interpretation, he entered Hattori Nutrition College in order to acquire knowledge and skills on Japanese food culture and cuisine. The study of wine in the college awakened his interest in the topic of “Japanese sake as rice wine”. This interest was a big motivation to get the International Kikisake-shi (sake sommelier) and Sake Instructor certification in 2009. He returned to Russia in 2010 and became the vice president of a food import company specializing in Japanese products, but his passion for cuisine turned him to the restaurant business. He started-up a vegetarian restaurant in Moscow; made the menu and worked as a kitchen chef. After returning to Japan in 2013 and beginning to work as a kitchen, counter and hall staff for the Japanese restaurant Musshu Mizuki in Ginza, Tokyo, he got third place in the 4th International Kikisake-shi Competition.
Ryoma Machida
いいね!JAPAN Airbnbスーパーバイザー/Zens株式会社 代表取締役CEO (www.zens.tokyo)
Iine!JAPAN Airbnb supervisor/ CEO of Zens Inc. (www.zens.tokyo). Born in 1987 in Nagasaki Prefecture.